Crossfit Beowulf
"Mòr spent time understanding our business, listening to what we needed and who we wanted to attract and then tailored our website/content to target those potential members. They could not have been more supportive in offering ideas and guidelines from within their experienced team to get us bang on track.

We now have a really effective tool that has not only increased our leads and sign-ups, we have automated our processes and information sharing making a huge administration cost saving!

Thanks for everything, guys! We'll definitely be coming back if we have anything else you can help with!"
Gill Maggiolini, Owner, Crossfit Beowulf
The challenge
We were brought in to create an acquisition focussed website. The gym had an existing website that was set up for them at little or no cost when they first started out. This was difficult to update and was not in line with the direction the gym was heading.

On top of this, their processes weren’t smooth and they were spending a lot of time doing things manually.

We needed to create a design that a) looked better and b) performed better in terms of driving traffic down the sales funnel.

We were looking to increase site visits and improve the experience of the users. But the ultimate goal was to get more people to sign up for membership!

However, we knew that this new site must be easily maintained. The client shouldn’t have to rely on Mòr on an ongoing basis. They needed a website that could grow and adapt to their changing needs. 
How we helped
We rebranded the gym, working with the management team, the staff and the gym members to create an improved website that flowed well from page to page and made finding information, signing up and booking classes straightforward.

This all led to a positive user experience and aided the retention of existing members.

We set up usable analytics. We then created optimised landing pages to direct traffic more efficiently. This had a positive impact on the numbers of trials (and conversions).

We automated a lot of the processes and simplified others in order to free up time for the team to focus on what was really important - providing excellent classes and building good relationships with members. 
Impact & Success
More than double Free Tasters. Requests have been coming in daily and conversions are up.
Retaining more members than ever, as well as pulling in a significant number of new members from this process.

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