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8 Reasons Restaurants Need Mobile Apps

Restaurant apps are a great tool to build customer loyalty. Smartphones have become an integral part of all areas of life. According to Ofcom, 71% of UK residents owned a smartphone by the beginning of 2016, this figure has grown 6% from the previous year. Currently, over 66% of UK residents use their mobile to […]

How to Use Instagram for Restaurant Marketing

The Mòr guide to effectively using Instagram for restaurant marketing.   Produce frequent, engaging content Take photos of all aspects of the restaurant’s operations; appetisers, entreés, desserts, specials, dining room ambience, staff members and behind-the-scenes snaps. Regularly posting photos and short videos on Instagram will draw an audience and keep them engaged. Stay true to […]
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6 Ways Technology is Improving Rail Travel

There is no shortage of new ideas within the rail industry, better technologies are improving all areas of rail travel including route-planning, improved traction and energy efficiency. This week Mòr takes a look at six innovations in technology that are changing the future of the rail industry. 1. Virtual ticketing methods The movement away from […]
Bitcoin Investing Adrenaline

Why Bitcoin Investing Might Not Be Worth the Adrenaline Rush

This is a warts and all update of my current Bitcoin investing journey. A quick introduction to Bitcoin By now many people understand the basics about Bitcoin: It’s virtual currency which operates with no central authority or banks. Is used to purchase goods and services online and in person. Today, one bitcoin worth £2000 (I […]
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How to Bring Design Thinking Into Your Organisation

Let’s talk about Design Thinking Design thinking has become an important strategy in business. Used by some of the most successful organisations in the world, it combines human interest with scientific approaches to reach a solution. What is design thinking? For many, design thinking is a relatively obscure, or new term. Design itself has become […]
Chatbots customer services

Are Chatbots the Future of Online Customer Service?

Chatbots in online customer services Chatbots are big news. We have recently designed a chatbot for an online customer service role for an insurance company in Hong Kong. There is still a long way to go with this technology and this is an introduction and the first in a series of chatbot articles. What are […]
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