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Inbound Marketing: magnetising happy faces

4 Essential reasons that you should be using Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the future of marketing for smart businesses. It’s better at capturing people’s attention than “traditional” marketing, it’s more effective (drives more traffic) and it creates better leads. But what is it about the Inbound Marketing approach that makes it so essential to what you do? 1 Inbound Marketing can save you money […]

How to do your marketing – when you don’t have time for it!

The Association of Fitness Studios 2016 Marketing Best Practices Research Report found that 57 percent of studio and gym owners operate without any sort of marketing plan. This is just an indication of how things look in one sector, but the lessons learned about how to do your marketing apply across all industries. What business […]
Additional Income from your gym

5 ways to get additional income from your gym.

We’ve talked about how to attract local customers to your gym. We’ve talked about how to improve your memberships. And we’ve talked about why people quit the gym, and ways you can encourage them not to leave. Attracting and retaining members is obviously a great way to grow your business and a surefire way to […]
Reasons you should use a digital agency: laptop

5 Reasons you should use a digital marketing agency

The world is changing rapidly and we, as people, want more from life. Small businesses are making a comeback as individuals decide that they a better work/life balance and less commuting stress. Technology is allowing people to do more for themselves than ever before (phones can be used for diary management, virtual assistants are available, […]
Mòr Staff enjoying team building.

Encourage, Empower and Engage: 3 E’s to keep your workers high, legally

Here at Mòr, we have a great working relationship with one another and a good vibe in the office. We’ve tried to pinpoint the things we enjoy about working here to share the good feelings and help you get more out of your workforce. In no particular order (because they’re equally important), here are some […]
Fitness Trends: Yoga pose

Fitness trends you could be missing out on in 2018

It’s not enough to just look good physically anymore. People want to know that you’re good on the inside as well. Doing the right exercises, eating the right foods, supporting the right causes, these are all really important. Here, we’ll look at some of the fitness trends coming in 2018 that your gym needs to […]
Innovation in insurance: padlock

Disruptive Innovation in Insurance: trends set to change the face of the industry

The insurance industry is one on the brink of a crisis. While there’s no doubt that the existing business model for insurance meets current customer needs, those needs are fast changing. Automation is becoming more popular across products and services, and consumers are looking for speed and convenience from providers. There are a number of […]
Beacon Technology - Lighthouse

Beacon Technology: Applications

Apple first introduced its iBeacon technology in 2013. Despite being a market leader (again), Apple doesn’t actually make beacons. Rather, the iBeacon tech became the standard that current beacons are built around. Since then, there has been a slow increase in beacon use then a sudden mass adoption. Beacon technology is advancing, the hardware is […]
Blockchain Technology: A Beginner's Guide - the cobweb concept

Blockchain Technology: A Beginner’s Guide

What is blockchain technology? By now, we should be getting our heads around the fact that blockchains aren’t used solely to mine cryptocurrencies. We know that blockchain technology has many applications in the modern world as well as huge potential for the future. In Blockchain Technology: A Beginner’s Guide, we’ll look at some of the […]
Smart Contracts: A Beginner's Guide

Smart Contracts: A Beginner’s Guide

We’ve mentioned smart contracts, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies a fair amount recently. This is because they’re current, they’re relevant and they’re technology-related (and we love a bit of technology, here at Mòr). However, we’ve not delved properly into what these things are and what they can be used for, so let’s take a look now. […]