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Mòr exists to simplify and improve experiences, so that people have more quality time.

The importance of quality time, and why we created Mòr.

I am often asked why we set up Mòr. I am a pictures person, I know why Mòr was started 3 years ago; I know exactly why Hitchin was chosen, but I have found it very difficult to articulate. It’s never as simple as making money because there are definitely much easier ways to make […]

Stick A Fork In It – It’s Done.

The bitcoin community has been been in turmoil over the past three years. In recent months, this has rapidly escalated to war over the arguably “trivial” question of how to update the network to accomodate more transactions. In May 2017, two groups got together to negotiate a compromise in order to overcome the stalemate that […]

What The Fork Is Going On With Bitcoin?

Editor’s note – the hard-fork has been called off on 8th November 2017. For more on this, read Stick A Fork In It – It’s Done. Bitcoin has faced turmoil in the past but this is new. In less than two weeks, a massive fight taking place among bitcoin coders will produce a large schism—this […]

Is Bitcoin Really a Massive Bubble?

The digital currency bitcoin is up by more than 700% on this time last year and has passed the £4,700 mark. This hasn’t been without its ups and downs. In September, the value crashed from £3,600 to £2,600 in a week, causing panic. One thing I would say, having been investing in this currency for […]
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4 Customer Loyalty Programs That Will Work For Any Business

94% of the UK population say they join loyalty programs. It’s an opportunity many businesses are missing out on! To get you started, here are some ideas for customer loyalty programs that might work for your business.   1) The Point System The most common loyalty program, it’s is easy to implement and simple for […]
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How to Evaluate and Measure the Effectiveness of Your Loyalty Program

A well-done loyalty program can boost repeat business and help customer satisfaction, therefore it’s important to regularly measure and evaluate your program to ensure you are getting the desired results. 1) Understand Your Audience When building or reviewing your customer loyalty program, you need to fully understand what your audience’s needs, habits and favourite products […]
Marketing tips for restaurants

Quick and Easy Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

With around 2.34 billion social media users globally, it is more important than ever for your brand to be present on social media, this is expected to rise to 2.95 billion in 2020. Here are 5 social media marketing tips for restaurants, to guide you on your social media marketing journey. 1. Share customer generated […]
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Essential Marketing Tips For Gym Owners Everywhere

Marketing Tips for Gym Owners Mòr have an abundance of experience both inside and outside gyms. Our team have been involved in the digital expansion of a leading global gym and are now focussing on SME gyms.We like small gyms to succeed. Here are some essential marketing tips for gym owners everywhere: 1. Offer a […]
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Easy and Affordable Tactics For Your Restaurant to Attract Local Customers

Not everyone knows just how good your food is, sometimes you need to do a little extra promotion to attract more customers to your restaurant. Once they’re inside and trying your food, they’ll keep coming back time and time again. 1. Promote Your Latest Customer Reviews on Facebook Making customer reviews more accessible by incorporating them into your […]
Fitness Professionals on Social Media

7 Simple Ways to Get Your Customers to Leave Reviews

Great testimonials tell people that your product or service is exciting enough that other people want to share your results. Here are seven simple tips to boost your traffic and get reviews: 1. Make it easy Include an option in newsletters which allows recipients to leave a quick review of their latest experience using a five-point […]
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